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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Languages in Goa

Goa boasts about a lot of languages. Portuguese was widely spoken until Goa was liberated from the Portugal regime in 1961. The older generations can still speak Portuguese. However, the main languages spoken now in Goa are Konkani and Marathi. Marathi is widely taught in schools too.

Mostly everyone in Goa can speak in English and Hindi as now it is becoming a place where there are tourist and this is a universal language. there are people of various regions, races and religions from India and abroad settling in Goa, their language too has pitched accrodingly. The various languages which people interact in Goa are English, Portuguese, Konkani, Hindi and Marathi. Konkani, however, is the official language of Goa. Konkani is written in the Devanagri script. The other main languages spoken in the state are Marathi, Kannad and Urdu. Gujarati and Hindi are also spoken by a number of people in the state.

In Big towns, English is used in writing and conversation. Goa being a major tourist spot gives a tourist-friendly way of interaction through English. Portuguese was the language of the colonial rulers and the official language until before liberation, in 1961. Thus just after the departure of the Portuguese, the Portuguese language lost all its favor and usage. Konkani and Marathi survived in Goa by secret studies at home, in temples and public places in villages.

Anyways you can speak in any language as long as the person you are communicating to understands to and be ready for a warm welcome in Goa even if you do not know any as the best language cab be the sign language

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