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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Goa Carnival

Carnival in Goa is continously a 3 day festival of full of Dance, color, song fancy dress, and music, providing a beautiful thirrler for all, people of all ages Kids young and old. The cool climate, full of fun and enjoyment, which the Carnival generates, is much longed for all over the world. It is fun and relieves you of pressure tension and reminds you just living life Kingsize. There is enthusiasm and happiness all around and it is a perfect example of all celebrating together keeping differences aside.

What carnival is all about

The word 'carnival' comes from the Latin 'Carne', meaning meat, and 'Vale', which translates to 'good-bye'. Some also link the word to 'Carnislevamen' or 'the pleasures of meat', focusing on the enjoyment of meat during the festivities, before the abstinence that follows during Lent.

Originination Of The Festivity

The Goa Carnival is an integral part of the Portuguese heritage of the state, which was a dominion of Portugal till 1961. The carnival thros light on the fun-loving culture that is characteristic of Goa. It was introduced by the erstwhile rulers as a rowdy celebration in which flour, eggs, oranges, lemons, mud, sand-filled gloves along with dirty water, various liquids and glue were aimed at passersby. Used pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils were also thrown out of windows. Perhaps this was done to discard the old and the dirty before the Lenten fast.

A King of Chaos is elected, called King "Momo". He presides over the three-day festivities, which attract visitors from all over India and abroad.

Music All Over

Street Plays, songs, dances, and unrehearsed farces mocking the establishment are performed before an enthusiastic, responsive audience. In the three days of celebrations, cultural functions and competitions abound, and are judged by specially selected people. King Momo distributes the prizes to the winners.

The contestants wear colorful costumes and elaborate masks. In the fun-filled ambience, people smear color on each other, instead of the flour, eggs, fruit and water that used to be used in earlier times.

A Carnival for all

People from all over the world come and dress up in their favourite costumes and enjoy themself singing dancing and eating. There is fun filled in the streets of Goa where there is entertainment all over and just keeping in mind that we are all human beings and in the carnival to enjoy with each other

Cheers !!!

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