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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top 10 Multiplexes In Mumbai

The places you can go for shopping with your family and find a variety of items you can purchse and also watch laties movies .

Best Places to Visit in Singapore

The Republic of Singapore, or better known as Singapore, is an island country located to the South of Peninsular Malaysia. It is the smallest nation in South East Asia. The tourism industry in Singapore is one of the largest industries for the country.
The Merlion
The Merlion is considered to be the mascot of Singapore. It is said to be a mythical beast which is half lion and half fish. It symbolizes courage, resilience and strength of the citizens of Singapore. If you are interested to see this Merlion, there is a 8 meter high status standing at the mouth of the famous Singapore River.
Singapore’s Chinatown has got to be one of the most popular places in the whole of Singapore. It started back in the 1820s when the first Chinese trader from Xiamen, China, set foot on the island. If you happen to travel to this area, you will notice that it has a lot of colours and there’s a unique atmosphere in the place. It is also a very prosperous commercial area. During the Chinese New Year celebration, expect to see a lot of traditional Chinese food and be amazed by the colourful decorations of Chinatown.
Clarke Quay
This is a very popular hangout place for those interested in Singapore’s city nightlife. In this area, you can find a lot of air-conditioned shop houses, push-carts selling mementos, bars, discos and restaurants. Besides there, you can also find a large variety of handicrafts and souvenirs here. A perfect place for shoppers and diners alike.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top Colleges In United States of America

Studying in the United States is like a dream come true ans securing a bright and successful future . Below is a list of colleges you would like to know about.

1. Princeton University in the State of New Jersey

2. Williams College in the State of Massachusetts

3. United States Military Academy in the State of New York

4. Amherst College in the State of Massachusetts

5. Stanford University in the State of California

6. Harvard University in the State of Massachusetts

7. Haverford College in the State of Pennsylvania

8. University of Chicago in the State of Illinois

9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the State of Massachusetts

10. United States Air Force Academy in the State of Colorado

Top 10 Places and Cities you Must Visit In The United States

The Statue of Liberty and White House, Disney World and Hollywood, Broadway and Wall Street – these images come to mind when thinking of the United States. The third largest country in the world has many amazing cities and plenty of natural attractions to put on must-see list. And this list could stretch on forever. There are a huge number of unique fabulous cities in America that absolutely worth a trip, but just don't get their fair share of the limelight. Have you ever been to Bar Harbor Maine or Savannah Georgia or Portland Oregon? If the answer is No, then you should! But if I have to choose top ten must-visit cities in America, I have to stay with the usual suspects. After all, you haven’t been to America if you haven’t seen cultural icons like the Statue of Liberty and Golden Gate Bridge, or natural features like Grand Canyon and Lake Tahoe. So, here you are 10 Must Visit Cities in the United States.

Las Vegas
A paradise for gamblers and yes you have o try your luck here
A gambleville with luxury resorts and five star hotels, outstanding dining and acclaimed shows, exclusive spas and world-class golf courses – you have to party in Vegas at least once in a lifetime. Las Vegas’ proximity to unique treasures of nature such as Red Rock and Grand Canyon, Colorado River and Death Valley makes Sin City attractive travel destination not only for party goers but for nature lovers as well. Take a road trip to Death Valley National Park, just a couple of hours away from Vegas, and enjoy the hottest place in the country. Or drive a little bit further to Grand Canyon, the most famous natural feature not only in the area but in the USA. Or visit Lake Mead, a large man-made lake, one of the largest in the world. And you will see that there are more of Vegas than just parties.

New York
I think everybody would agree that New York is one of the most fascinating cities not only in the USA but in the entire world. Therefore it HAS to be on must-see in America list. What makes it so fascinating? First, of course, its architecture – Manhattan skyline is absolutely incredible. Second, its multicultural personality – New York is a true melting pot of ethnicities and cultures. And finally, nowhere else in a world you would find that many best restaurant, best hotels, museums and theaters concentrated in such a small land area of 23 square miles - that’s how small Manhattan is. And whatever your passion in culture, entertainment or food is, you’ll find it here. Don’t forget that besides Manhattan, there are four other boroughs in New York with plenty of things to do and to see.
Well, if New York has everything, then maybe the must-visit cities in America list should has only one city – New York? Not quite right. There are much more in this incredible country than just New York.

While New York is defined by its skyline, Boston is distinguished by its vibrant neighborhoods. From the fashionable Back Bay to oldest Beacon Hill to colorful Chinatown to historic North End – all neighborhoods of Boston has its own personality and distinct appeal. A stroll around this old city is like reading an American history textbook. Follow the red line marking the Freedom Trail and come across Boston Common, the Old North Church, Paul Revere's house and Bunker Hill. Each stop represents a chapter in American history. Being cultural and commercial hub of New England, Boston absorbed all best from the region, including best food such as Maine lobster and New England clam chowder. Try them when in Boston, they are best you can find in all country

Washington DC
The city is particularly glorious in spring, when its many gardens and park are in bloom. While visiting the White House, take the White House Garden tour and view the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden and Rose Garden – they are absolutely splendid. Sightseeing in Washington DC wouldn’t cost much – most of Washington DC museums and memorials are free. Take a ride to the top of the Washington Monument to see spectacular views of the city and surroundings. Stroll cobblestone streets of Georgetown, the city’s most beautiful neighborhood with great restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and shops. Relax at Dumbarton Oaks gardens, one of the loveliest spots in the city. And if you have time, explore surroundings - Maryland has plenty of things to offer to a curious traveler. Of course, to try Maryland Blue Crab is a must, when you are there!

America’s Riviera with 10 miles of wide white sandy beaches, delightful art deco architecture, trendy hotels, chic restaurants and hot party scene – this is Miami. Plus, a huge Latin American cultural inheritance – in some Miami neighborhoods you could easily forget that you are in the United States. If you don’t have a chance to go to Cuba, a short trip to Little Havana in Miami could give you a little glimpse of the Caribbean jewel: aroma of Cuban coffee and cigars, pulsating Cuban music, art and craft, very authentic restaurants and colorful storefronts. But, if you are really adventurous, rent a car and go to Key West for a couple of days. Not only because Key West is absolute paradise, but also because the road from Miami to Key West is really stunning.

Orlando being home to the largest amusement park in the world has to be on a list of must-visit in America. Walt Disney World is the most visited recreational resort in the world, and don’t be mistaken it is not only for children, adults have plenty of fun in Disney World as well. Besides famous Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld, Orlando offers plenty of different entertainment, great dining and even museums – the most comprehensive collection of Tiffany art is in Charles Hosmer Morse Museum in Orlando

San Diego
Blue skies and 70 miles of great beaches, Mediterranean climate and Mexican specialties, aquatic parks, aquariums and zoos – the jewel of South California have it all. For beach lovers a visit to La Jolla is a must. The most magnificent beach on the West Coast offers fantastic surfing, excellent snorkeling and diving, amazing sunsets and beautiful sands. San Diego Old Town, the historical heart of the city, is the "birthplace" of California - San Diego is the site of the first permanent Spanish settlement in California. The Spanish and Mexican heritage of the city is celebrated throughout Old Town, including best Mexican food and Margaritas.

Los Angeles
Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Malibu and Sunset Boulevard – these places have to be on must-visit in America list, and all of them are in Los Angeles. Who wouldn’t like to take a ride down Sunset Boulevard in a convertible or watch sunset on Malibu beach with a glass of California Pinot? If you’ve never done it, you should! Besides famous attractions and intensive nightlife, Los Angeles has great surroundings to explore. Just take a road trip to Santa Barbara and you’ll witness a breathtaking beauty of South California.

If you think that Seattle is only about rain, you are absolutely wrong. The Emerald City is a real green gem, with a wealth of evergreen trees throughout, and breathtaking views of the Cascade mountains to the east and the Olympic mountains to the west. Mt. Rainier looks down on Seattle from its majestic heights. Driving through Seattle on a clear day has been compared to floating on a cloud in an emerald sky. Go to the top of the Space Needle and enjoy a panoramic view of the city, have a lunch at a sidewalk cafĂ© in Pike Street Market and embrace best of what Seattle can offer – splendid views and great freshest seafood.

San Francisco
The city's famous steep hills and trolley cars, astonishing bay views, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, lively Fisherman's Wharf and Chinatown, numerous beautiful gardens and delicious food make San Francisco very unique and, from my point of view, the most beautiful city in America. When in San Francisco, take a trip to Napa Valley for a glass of wine or two while enjoying breathtaking scenery of a wine country. Or go to Lake Tahoe, to see “the jewel of the Sierras”, one of the most beautiful lakes in the country.

List of Best Zoos of India and how to get there

Mysore Zoo Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens

Cloak Room Available at Mysore City Railway Station and KSRTC Mofussil Bus Stand, Bangalore - Nilgiris Road, Mysore – 1

How to get there

By Air
The nearest airport is Bangalore. All domestic airlines are operating flights to and from Bangalore to all major cities of the country. A few international flights to the Middle East are also operated from Bangalore.

By Rail
There are many train services operating between Bangalore and Mysore. The Shatabdi Express connects Mysore to Chennai. The ideal route to reach Mysore is via Bangalore.

By Road
State Highways connect Mysore to the national Highways and to all parts of the country. Bus services by Karnataka Road Transport Corporation and transport corporations of the neighboring states as well as private tour operators make iteasy to reach the city without any difficulty. It is only a 3 hour journey from Bangalore.

Local Transports
City Bus ServicesTransport within the City is Provided by the KSRTC Town Bus Services, Connecting Different Parts of the City and Suburbs. City Bus Stand Phone Number : 0821 - 2425819. Suburban Bus Stand Phone Number : 0821 - 2520853.

Mofussil Bus ServicesRegular Karnataka Road Transport Corporation Bus Service (KSRTC) is Available to a Number of Places within and Outside karnataka State from the Main KSRTC Bus Stand Situated on the Bangalore - Nilgiris Road. Enquiry Phone Number : + 91 - 0821 - 2448949
About the Zoo
The nearest airport is Bangalore. All domestic airlines are operating flights to and from Bangalore to all major cities of the country. A few international flights to the Middle East are also operated from Bangalore.

A main attraction in Mysore specially for children, it also is very educative for them. Some of the animals and birds they would have just seen in books are in front of their eyes which is why the zoological garden in Mysore attracts more & more tourists everyday. The drive from Bangalore to Mudumalai runs over well maintained State highways. The first stretch between Bangalore and Mysore is a reasonably smooth run. Once you cross the towns of Ramanagaram and Chennapatna, the drive gose through avenues of bougainvillaea which form natural archways. If you are thirsty, you can stop at any of the coconut vendors lininig the road.Passing through Mysore is a honk - and - crawl affair till the city limits. Beyond Nanjangud, for about 20 km, the road is a narrow concrete strip with shoulders of tar. You need to be very careful on this road as the tar has eroded, leaving huge potholes. There may be times when you will be forced to go onto the tar shoulders to avoid oncoming traffic. Remember, utmost care should be taken then to avoid damage to the underbody.Once the road enters the Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary limit, it is almost straight with dense forest on both sides. Seven - and - a half kilometers after the Bandipur reception centre, the road crosses over into Tamil Nadu and the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary.The scenery along the road is varied with a clutter of small towns on the outskrits of Bangalore. These give way to light forest and fields till Mysore. If you have time with you, a stop at the fantastic Mysore Palace is worth the extra hour to get to Mudumalai.The accomodation and hotels for Mudumalai are on the road that runs from the reception centre to Masinagudi. Though there is a sign warning that the road is very steep and that you have to strain your car much with the kind of cars that we have today, it is redundant.There is actually more to do at the places to stay than in the park itself. Consider yourself lucky if you see bison and deer. Should you happen to see a tiger, take a quick look around for the saint who performed the miracle to make it appear.

I visited the zoo on a Sunday. It was crowded like anything. The waling distance inside the zoo is approximately 4kms. But you can get into the battery vehicles inside the zoo for moving inside the zoo by paying 100rs. The waiting time for getting into the vehicle is approximately 2 hours !! Better avoid visiting this zoo on holidays.

Nehru Zoological Park

Location :Situated in the Bahadurpura area on the way to the N G Ranga Agricultural University in Rajendranagar, the zoo is ahead of Afzalgunj, the Osmania General Hospital and the High Court of AP.

Nehru Zoological Park is one of the largest zoo in India, located near Mir Alam Tank in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad was established in vide G.O.Ms. No.247,Dated 26 October 1959.It was declared open to the public on 6 Oct 1963.The park extends over 380 acres, and is a premier recreation spot in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.The Nehru Zoological Park is run by the Forest department, Government of Andhra Pradesh. and named after the first prime minister of the country, Jawaharlal Nehru.It is spread over an area of 380 acres and 600 acres Alam Tank lake and has a wide selection of animals - nearly 100 species of birds, animals and reptiles are housed here. The zoo runs different safari trips every day, such as Lion Safari, Tiger Safari, Bear Safari, and Butterfly Safari. Other attractions include elephant rides, a natural history museum, and a children's train, indigenous animals and birds, like the Indian Rhino, Asiatic Lion, Tiger, Panther, Gaur, Orangutan, Crocodile, Python etc., not to speak of number of Deer, Antelopes and Birds. Several animals bred in the Zoo were rehabilitated in various Deer Parks and Sanctuaries to restock the depleted natural population. Zoological park opens from 0900 to 1700 hrs. and remains closed on all Mondays.The Zoo's undulating landscape provides a natural setting to the Animals and Birds displayed in large enclosures simulating natural habitat The Miralam Tank covering nearly 600 acres with its unique multiple Arched Bund is 200 years old, attracts hundreds of migratory birds, providing yet another attraction for the Zoo. The A.P. Tourism Development Corporation has introduced a Ferry-boat and Speed-boat, which is attracting a lot of public for boat rides.One of the largest and the best zoos in Asia, the Nehru Zoological Park has nearly 1,500 species of animals, birds and reptiles. Spread over 300 acres and The popular ones among the different species are white peacocks, mynahs, chimpanzees and rhinoceros. The major attraction within the zoo, however, is the Lion Safari. A van barbed with wrought iron takes you through the gates of the safari — opening one gate at a time — into a completely different world of wild animals where lions, tigers, rhinos, wild oxen, panthers, etc. are left freely in the wilderness of a simulated jungle One can find other Animals and Reptiles too in this park. Open 9am to 5pm and closed every Monday.About Nehru Zoological Park :It is spread over 1.2 sq. kms of landscaped gardens and houses about 3000 animals. Apart from the animals, a nocturnal zoo, the pre-historic dinosaur park, a natural history museum, parks, a mini-train and animal rides make the place ideal for a picnic. The nocturnal animals and the reptiles form a particularly interesting part of the whole.The Nehru Zoological Park which was declared open to the public on 6th October 1963 has bred some notable exotic and indigenous animals and birds like the Indian Rhino, Asiatic Lion, Tiger, Panther, Giraffe and Gaur etc., a number of Deer and Antelopes. in fact, animals bred in the Zoo have been distributed to various Deer parks and also sanctuaries for restoring the depleted animals.Fauna :Primates like Chimpanzee from Central Africa, Mandrill, Orangatun, Chacma, Olive and yellow baboons (in open islands) etc. and Indian primates include Rhesus, Bonnet, and Monkeys (stump-tailed, lion-tailed and pig-tailed), Golden and common langurs are housed in the zoo. Carnivores like African and Indian lions, Tigers, panthers, jackals, wolves, hyenas, bears etc and reptiles like Giant/ Star tortoises, water turtles, Estuarine crocodiles in open pools, Monitor lizards and chameleons share enclosures, hooded Indian Cobra, Russels Viper, Giant rock-python, tree snakes etc are all found in the zoo. Elephants, Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Zebras, American bison, Antelopes, Black buck, Chousingha, Chinkara, Deer, Sambhar, Brow Antler Deer etc. are the herbivores you can enjoy watching.Additional Information :It is opened from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m, Closed on Mondays.Getting There :Road :Hyderbad, being Capital city is well conected by Road from all major cities in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharastra and Orissa.Rail :Being headquarter of South Central Railway , Well connected from all major cities of India. Hyderabad & Secunderabad Rly Stations.Air :Has international airport.

Nandankanan zoo

Place : Chandaka Forest, 25-km from Bhuvneswar, Orissa, India.Major Attractions : White Tiger, Black Panthers & Gharial Crocodiles.Area Covered : 14 sq km.Ideal Time to Visit the Park : October to March.Nearest Attractions : Madikere, Bandipur National Park, Madhumalli.Some Major Accesses : Bhuvneshwar (20km), Kolkata.

Things to Know

Where is the Nandankanan ZooBetter known as “Garden of Pleasure”; Nandankanan Zoo is situated 20km off Bhuvneshwar in Orissa. As part of Chandaka Forests here, the zoo is a perfect escape destination from hustle bustle of the city. The zoo lies on the lines of Kolkata-Chennai railway line and is very close to Barang Railway Station. With 362 hectares of forest area, Kanji Lake occupies a significant portion of 66 hectares. The first ever breeding ground of endangered species, Nandankanan Zoo boasts of the significant contribution that the park has made in wildlife conservation.

Climate at Nandankanan ZooSummers are hot here with a maximum mercury level recorded being 40 degree centigrade. Winters are cooler and pleasant time to visit this park. The minimum temperature recorded during winters remains around 14 degree centigrade. With the onset of monsoons, the park experiences heavy rainfalls and makes most of its area inaccessible. You should try avoid visiting this park during monsoons as roads get washed out.Important Dates in Nandankanan' HistoryThis magnificent zoo in Orissa was established on 27December, 1960. The most important year in the history of this zoological park is 1980, when the regal white tiger received a new lease of life. Ganga and Deepak were the two tigers that were born to make this year much jubilated for all. At present there are about 34 tigers that are found here. In 1991, the tiger safari was established at this park in order to provide an enthralling view of the tigers from behind the protected bushes. The Ecological System in the Nandankanan ZooThe Flora in the Nandankanan ZooNandankanan is a home to various flourishing varieties of flora. The splendid environs of Chandaka forests and ripling waters of Kanjia Lake forms flora here. Giving it a gardening beauty are the flowers here. The zoo is thickly densed with trees like Bija, Sal, Asana and Anala.

The Fauna in the Nandankanan ZooNandankanan is world renowned for its white tigers. This internationally recognized zoo is home to a large number of animals which are on verge of extinction. Animals like Rhino, Manipuri Deer, Wild Ass, Tigers, Himalayan Black Bear, Lion Tailed Macaque, Chimpanzees, Orangutan, Hippopotamus, Zebra, Mouse deer, Blackbuck and Chousinga are most eminent. There are about 21 species of reptiles that can be found here

The Avifauna in the Nandankanan ZooNandankanan is a bird watcher's paradise. There are about 59 species of birds that are found at this park. Peafowl and White necked stork are the two birds that enslave wildlife enthusiasts with their bewitching beauty.The Safaris in the Nandankanan ZooLion Safari tours offered at this park enthrall the visitors at this park. Jeeps and elephants are also available on hire to have a ride through the park. Have a view of majestic wildlife of this park through its Safari tours. Nandankanan Zoo Wildlife Travel Circuit Bangalore - Mysore - Ranganathittu - Nagarhole - Bandipur - Mudumalai - Ooty - Cochin - Periyar - Varkala – Trivandrum

How to Reach Nandankanan Zoo

Air :Bhubaneswar Airport, 20km.

Rail :Bhubaneswar is the nearest railway station from the zoo.

Road :Bhubaneswar is well connected to other parts of the state. Innumerable buses are available from Bhuvneshwar that enroute to Nandankanan

Other zoo
Arignar Anna Zoological Park
Trivandrum Zoo
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Best places to visit in the Philippines

Philippines a beautiful place with 7,107 islands, though, it is easy to get confused on what would be the best places to go in the Philippines.Here are a few places you must visit which makes you feel relaxed and as if you are in wonderland

The City of Baguio
Baguio is known as the “Summer capital of the Philippines” – located some 1,500 meters above sea level. The city is known for its mild climate, and since this is a tropical country and unbearably humid during summer, people visit this place for a cool down, just to get away from the city life and enjoy some simple recreation.
If you like nature and the smell of pine trees, you surely will enjoy staying in Baguio. Although the city is located on a mountain, it that doesn’t mean that you are deprived from nightlife. People here know what party means and they have wide array of bars and clubs for you to choose from. Session Road and Harrison Road are just two note worthy example of places in the heart of the city where you will keep plenty busy when you’re not relaxing. As well, there are several parks in the city which are perfect for a romantic stroll: Burnham Park, Wright Park and the famous Mines View Park where people spend their times with loved ones, are my recommendations.

Hundred Islands National Park
Why not visit one of the best places in the Philippines which has its own legend? They say that each of the hundred islands has come from the noble soldiers who fought for the country. Although there are several different islands, only three of them have been developed and are enjoyable from a tourist’s perspective: Governor Island, Quezon Island, and Children’s Island. It’s easy to get around, though – just take a bus ride to Anda Alaminos and rent a ferry bound to the island you want to stay. Children’s Island is named such because it is really perfect for youngsters – it is surrounded by shallow water, which is suitable and safe for children to play.

Cebu City – Queen City of the South
Cebu City is a very progressive city. It almost has everything, from beautiful resorts to first class hotels and big shopping malls, catering to all budgets and tastes. It also has one of the busiest airport hubs in the country and is now the pathway to other closer cities like Dumaguete and Bohol. One of the city’s most visited places is the Mango Avenue where the teenager set hang out and enjoy good music. Aside from that, there’s also the island hopping services by island local tour operators where you’ll get to visit places like Close Island and enjoy some sunbathing. A great time of year to visit is during the Sinulog Festival, a celebration in honour of Senior Sto. Nino. He’s the patron saint of the city, so during Sinulog every January people gather around, dance and walk in honor of him while shouting Viva Senior Sto. Nino.

Bohol is ranked as the number one tourist destination in the Philippines, and for good reason. This island city will give you hundreds of reasons to come, and hundreds more to stay. Firstly, this is the home of the tarsier, the smallest living mammal in the world, a true curiosity of Mother Nature. Right beside the city is the Luboc river River, where you’ll get to dine inside a slow moving boat and enjoy all the hidden beauty of the city from this new perspective. There is also the Panglao Island, whose fine white sand beaches will help you work on your tan and forget about the office. Bohol is known for its chocolate hills – limestone formations in the area – these are one one of the most visited place in Bohol and absolutely one of the best places to go in the Philippines. Try and get to taste the local delicacy Kalamay or their new baked polvoron, both will make your mouth water and will surely ask for more and have you throwing out clothes to make room in your luggage to buy more.

Dumaguete City
The City of Motorcycles, Dumaguete is a small city located near the island city of Bohol and Cebu. It is called the city of Motorcycles because the primary source of transportation around the area is through renting or riding on motorcycles, which they called pedicabs. The city has long been famous for their long boulevard and their sweet, and heavenly tasting Sylvanias, tasty desert. It is also called the University City because of the several universities in the area despite of its geographical site and small land size. Be sure to witness catch the spectacular sunset and sunrise along Rizal Boulevard.

Iloilo City

Know for its batchoy, a delicious noodle soup that originated from there, and its sweet smiling people, Iloilo has been a place of progress since during the past 6 years. There are countless numbers of establishments that continue to open: new restaurants and fun, funky bars. Iloilo is proud of their delicacies that will make your mouth water. Some of them my favourites are the barquillos and the biscocho, famous biscuits that may look like unusual but tastes so great. Don’t forget to try the local cultured oysters, they sell it by buckets for cheap prices!

Roxas City
Roxas City has been called the Venice city of Visayas beause of the bridge that connects the northern part of the city to the south. It is also known as the Seafood capital of the Philippines, because of the vast choice of seafood to choose from, but don’t forget to try their local foods and delicacies too. Some of the popular choices are crabs, prawns, shrimps and oysters. Like in Iloilo, people here are warm and kind. You’ll get to see people smiling at each other most of the time. Try to check the beach at night time; you’ll get to see food vendors set their table on the sand and cook foods for you under the moonlight.

Camiguin Island
Often called Fire Island, and known for its numerous number amount of volcanoes, Camiguin has been one of the most frequently visited place in the country. It serves as a melting spot of different people, as it is a popular place for foreigners to live. It is a small island but has several wonders to be proud of. They have the white island – a place where you’ll get to relax in a tiny strip of white, sandy bliss during the day, and then watch as the tides take the island away at nighttime. Camiguin is also famous for their sweet lanzones, a fruit similar in size, texture and taste to a lychee. During the annual Lanzone festival, the locals line their streets with lanzones and this is the perfect time to get to a taste the of fruit for free.

Davao City is a places of high and lows. Bordered by the magnificent Mt. Apo on one side, which is the highest peak in the Philippines, and surrounded by clear and deep waters of the Pacific on the other. This explains why Davao is one of the most livable cities in the world and one of the best places to go in the Philippines. Davao has a reputation for being somewhat unsafe, but in reality it is no less safe than other countries in Asia. Here in the city you cannot stray far from the pungent and yet succulent sweet tasting durian and juicy pomelos – if you haven’t noticed, it is hard to go hungry in the Philippines. Exploring Davao doesn’t only gives you joy of travelling, both local culture and the beauty of Mother Nature.

Boracay is known as the beach that never sleeps. The Philippines is blessed with so many beautiful beaches and one of the best is the island of Boracay. With pristine water, Boracay suits you with the the kind of traditional activities you’d like to have and that tourists are looking for, especially water sports and of course the popular banana boat. Despite its popularity, Boracay is frequently visited by people both locals and foreigners, making it one of the best places to go in the Philippines. It also offers those night long of parties long since fashionable in other beach countries. Since Boracay has been developed and investors are starting starts to put up and launch their new businesses, Boracay is now considered as highly urbanized island, which has been the reason why people tend to stay and live there for good. Aside from the sunsets and the parties, the beach is always a few minutes away.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top 5 features of Google+

Top 5 features of Google+ which will ebat Facebook

AT Last, online social networking is going to be not only about Facebook: The Google+ project, now in the testing phase , is Google's newly introduced way to connect with people online

Will google + be a facebook KILLERRRRR

Top 5 features of Google+

Google's new project does look promising, with certain novel features. One among the features that offer a fresh experience to online socializing is the "Hangout" group video chat. Introducing the project, Google's blog says that online communication tools (such as instant messaging and video calling) are "annoying" because invariably a user has to "ping" someone to strike up a conversation, while you are not sure if the other person is interested in talking to you at the moment. "They're also really awkward. When someone doesn't respond, you don't know if they're just not there, or just not interested."

Google says the "Hangout" feature is similar to the effortless real-world experience of entering a pub and hanging out with friends, which doesn't require someone to come forward and ask the most awkward question to a group, "So shall we hang out?" Google seems to bring back the "subtlety and substance of real-world interactions" lost in the "rigidness of our online tools."

Social networking sites can make everyone your "friend," including parents, distant relatives, grandparents and the worst of all, bosses. While you might have almost nothing to share with your boss, that single connection can stop you from posting "certain" things or uploading "certain" photographs. "+Circles" seem to be tackling the trickiest aspect of befriending people over the Internet. "People in fact share selectively all the time with their circles," says Google. +Circles allows users to share selectively by carefully choosing people to form different circles. This means a photograph shared among a particular circle will not be available for viewing for people from other circles, even though they will be members of your larger social circle.

The "+Mobile" feature allows users to seamlessly upload photos from any device. "While you're snapping pictures, and with your permission, Google+ adds your photos to a private album in the cloud. This way they're always available across your devices-ready to share as you see fit," says Google.

Google+ will also offer a feature somewhat akin to Twitter. "+Sparks" will deliver a "feed of highly contagious content from across the Internet. On any topic you want, in over 40 languages," says Google. Users can add their interests, and they will "always have something to watch, read and share -- with just the right circle of friends," claims Google.

"+Huddle" is a real-time, group-messaging feature which helps coordinate with friends and family to catch up with everyone's ever-changing plans. "Phone calls and text messages can work in a pinch, but they're not quite right for getting the gang together," says Google.

Google+ is available on Android Market and the mobile Web, and is coming soon to the App Store

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Famous Casinos of Goa

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Goa is synonymous with fun, adventure, frolic and nightlife. The Casinos of Goa are reflective of the fun and nightlife in Goa. Goa is home to some of the finest casinos in India and offer best of casino gaming, accessible internationally despite the fact that the casino industry in India is still in its emerging stage. Casino industry is the latest addition to the lifestyle of Goa. Casinos in Goa are endorsed as a part of tourism industry and give international tourists yet another reason to come here. Apart from the various games, the casinos also offer exquisite cocktails, mock tails and hard liquor.Though the casinos in Goa are still in the evolving stage, they offer all the major games to casino lovers. Table games are lesser in number as compared to the gaming machines. Black Jack, Rummy, American Roulette, Baccarat, Stud Poker and Flash are some the major games, which are offered. Specially trained dealers to conduct gaming sessions with accepted international standards, deal with players. Reel and Poker slot machines are enjoyed by almost everyone who wants to try a hand at gambling. Other facilities at the Casinos in Goa include restaurants, barbecues and swimming pool.

Some famous casinos in Goa are:

Las Vegas (South Goa) Gaming Time at Las Vegas Casino: 12:00pm - 2:00amHotel The Leela Palace GoaRoom Types: Deluxe Rooms, Presidential Suite, Standard Rooms, Suites and Villas

Chances Casino (Near Panaji) Cidade de GoaVainguiimGoa 403004

Treasures Casino (Majorda Beach Resort) Gaming Time: 12:00pm - 1:00am Games to Play at Treasures Casino: Slot Machines (15) Hotel Majorda Beach Resort Room Types: 110 Single Rooms, 20 Suites

Winners Casino (Margao) A 103 supreme Hill TowersAltomonte MargaoGoa 403731

Renaissance Goa Resort and Casino (Casino located within the Hotel) , VarcaVillage, Salcette, Goa 403721, IndiaGaming Time: 12:00pm - 1:00am Games to play at Renaissance Casino: Slot Machines (28) Room Types: 202 Rooms and Suites, 4 Suites

Holiday Inn Goa Resort Haciencda De Oro Casino and Pub Mobor Beach, Cavelossim, Salcette, Goa, India 403 731 Gaming Time: From 12:00 noon - 12:00 Midnight Games to Play: 150 Slot Machines Room Types: 170 Rooms and Suites

Festivals In Goa

Goa has various religious mix of people and has number of holidays and festivals. During national holidays Banks and Post Offices may remain closed. Christian festivals occur on set dates. Hindu religious festivals follow the lunar calendar and therefore change from year to year. Following are some of the national, state and local holidays apart from local village events.
On 6th January the three villages of Reis Magos, Cansaulim and Chandor celebrate this festival with reenactment by local boys of the three kings arriving with gifts for Christ.

The Jatra is the feast of the God to whom the temple is dedicated. Best at Shantadurga Temple at Fatropa in Quepem, at Bogdgeshwar Temple in Mapusa and Devki Krishna Ravalnath Temple at Marcela in Ponda. This festival is also celebrated in other temples of importance

Republic day on 26th January marks the anniversary of India's republic in the year 1950. In Delhi it is celebrated in spectacular way with enormous colorful military parade.

February / March
Popular Christian festival held on 2nd February at Pomburpa.

Held over two days in February at the Kala Academy-Panaji.

Goa's version of Holi, this Hindu festival is held to mark the end of winter. It normally takes place on the full moon day of the month of Phalguna and is widely celebrated by gangs of youths throwing colored water and powder at one another. Tourist frequently become a target-it is in good humor just to excite the tourist. This is not a day to go our dressed in best cloths.

The original reason for the carnival was to celebrate the arrival of Spring and it is observed within the Catholic community as three days of partying before the start of Lent. In Panaji the festivities center around a procession of colorful floats which takes place on Sabado Gordo or Fat Sunday. The event is opened by the arrival of King Momo who makes a traditional decree ordering his subjects to forget their worries and have a good time.

Hindu's festival, best celebrated at Shantadurga temple in Queula at Ponda, in Mangesh temple at Priol, in Mahalsa Temple at Mardol which are in Ponda This festival is also celebrated in Ajoba Temple at Querim in Pernem and in Mahalaxmi Temple at Amone in Bicholim

Hindu's festival, best at Siroda and Ramnath temples both in Pond and at Sanguem; also good at Harvalem, Kavlem and Mangesh Temples. This festival celebrates the birth of Lord Shiva.

Muslim's, death anniversary of saint Urs of Shah Abdullah. On this day of 17th February Muslims sing lyrical Muslim devotional songs called quawwalis, often sung through the night at Ponda

March / April
The birth of Rama an incarnation of Vishnu is celebrated at the temple of Partagal in Canacona.

At Goa Vellha on 5th Monday in Lent. Thirty status of the saints are brought out from storage and paraded around the neighboring villages. The main road through Goa Velha generally becomes blocked with the traffic as people from all over Goa are also drawn to the fair.

The Easter celebrations are marked by huge church services; the congregations often overflow into the streets or the services are held outside to accommodate everyone. Christian families mark the event with large clean gathering.

Held in Sindao on the first Sunday after Easter.

Held in Mapusa 16 days after Easter. This particular festival is famous for its common celebration by large numbers of Hindus and Christians.

From mid-April onwards successive Sundays see Colva Beach becoming the scene for this small festival featuring live music, dancing and entertainment.

Same as Beach Bonanza but on the Calangute beach.

Jain festival, celebrated by the strictly vegetarian Jain community. Marks the birth of Mahavir, the founder of Jainism, and is a public holiday. Celebrated grandly at Borim in Ponda.

May / June
Occurring in May this is one of the most distinctive festivals in Goa and is specific to the temple of Sirigao in Bicholim Taluka. Igituna Chalne literally means fire-walking and the high point of the festival which occurs at night when devotees of goddess Lairaya walk across a pit of burning coal to prove their devotion.

Held on 13th June The feast of St.Anthony Portugal's national saint is celebrated in Goa. This festival has taken on a particular local significance. If the monsoon has not arrived by the time of the feast day a statue of the saint is lowered into the family well for the arrival of the rain.

Held on 20th June. St.Anthony's feast day marks the onset of the rains, the Feast of St.John is a thanks giving for the arrival of the monsoon. The most obvious manifestation of the rains is the fact that the wells start to fill up again and to mark the event young men of the community jump into the water. Since each well owner by tradition has to supply feni to the swimmers the feast day is marked by increasingly high spirits.

Held on 29th June. Another celebration of the monsoon, this time by the fishing community particularly in Bardez taluka. The fishermen tie their boats together to form rafts which serve as makeshift stages. After a church service in the morning and a large feast the festival of Sangodd is held. Tiatrs, folk dances and music are performed before an audience who watch from the banks of the river.

Celebrated on 30th of May, State holiday to celebrate Goa becoming the 25th state of Indian Union on May 30, 1987.

On 15th August celebrates the anniversary of India's independence from the UK in 1947. The Prime Minister delivers an address from the ramparts of Delhi's Red Fort

The feast day is to celebrate the end of monsoon and the reopening of the Mandove to river traffic.

The celebration of Krishna's birthday. In some Krishna temples the deity is symbolically placed in a cradle.

Celebrated on the island of Divar on the fourth Saturday of August. The festival consists of processions and mock battles which commemorate the disputes which took place over property on the island.

Held on 24th August. The offering of the first sheaves of rice to the head of state.

August / September
The Hindu festival is celebrated throughout the state and commemorates the birth of Ganesh. The festival can last for two and a half days. Clay models of Ganesh are taken in procession around the areas of the temples before being immersed in water. A period of fasting is observed.

September / October

The feast is held at Colva on the second Monday of October and celebrates the 'miraculous' favor granted by the Menino Jesus which resides within the Church of Our Lady of Mercy in Colva.

Celebrated on 2nd of October, the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. Prayer meetings are held at the memorial site in Delhi. As a sign of respect it is a Dry Day and no alcohol is served.

Hindu's festival, this is extremely popular ten-day long festival begins on the first day of the Hindu month of Ashvina. The festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil and culminates in the burning of the effigy of the demon king, Ravana. In Goa, the main puja of this festival is performed at the place of work. Machinery, tool, vehicles etc., are cleaned and garlanded with flowers and worshipped.

October / November
This Hindu festival also known as the Festival of Lights is second in importance only to Ganesh Chaturthi and marks the victory of Good over Evil. Symbolically lamps are lit morning and evening within the homes of the worshippers.

Hindu festival dedicated to those holiest animals the cow.

Celebrated on the 3rd Wednesday of November in Navelim's Church.

November / December
Takes place at Kala Academy from November to December.

A five day festival held on any one of the beaches in November or December to highlight Goan cuisine and entertainment.

Held at Kala Academy during November and December.

Held at Kala academy during November

The feast is celebrated in Old Goa on 3rd December with processions and services. The feast of the patron saint of Goa is celebrated on the day he died in 1552. Preceding the feast, nine days of Novenas are held, attended by pilgrims from all over the world. Stalls selling sweetmeats, toys, clothing etc., line the streets.

Held on or around 8th December in Panaji and Margao accompanied by a large fair.

Christmas is celebrated as a holiday throughout Goa and India. Goa's Catholics flock to midnight mass services traditionally called Missa de Galo or Cock Crow as they go on well into early hours of the morning. Christmas Day is marked with large family gatherings and feasting.

Jubilant celebrations on the 31st of December, in the form of all-night street parties and beach parties anticipate the good things the New Year will bring.

Ports in mumbai

Central Authority for Ports in IndiaJoint Secretary (Ports)Ministry Of Surface TransportTransport BhawanNo. 1, Parliament StreetNew Delhi-110001, IndiaTel: (91 11) 371 1873, 332 8549Website:

Indian Ports Association1st Floor, South Tower, NBCC PlaceBhisham Pitamah Marg, Lodi RoadNew Delhi - 110 003, IndiaTel: (91 11) 436 9061, 436 9063, 436 8334Fax: (91 11) 436 5866Email:,

Mumbai Port TrustPort HouseShoorji Vallabhdas MargMumbai - 400 001, IndiaTel: (91 22) 2262 1234Fax: (91 222) 2261 1011Email: Website:

Kolkata Port Trust15, Strand Road Kolkata - 700 001, IndiaTel: (91 33) 2220 3451 (16 Lines) Fax: (91 33) 2220 4901Telex: 021-7336 CALPINEmail:,, webmaster@portofcalcutta.comWebsite:

Haldia Dock ComplexHaldia, Midnapore - 721 607West Bengal, IndiaTel: (91 3224) 3100, 3151, 3270Fax: (91 3224) 3152Email:

Chennai Port TrustRajaji Salai, Chennai - 600 001Tamil Nadu, IndiaPhone: (91 44) 2536 2201, 2536 1139Fax: (91 44) 2536 1228, 2536 0278Email:

Cochin Port TrustWillington Island Cochin - 682 009, IndiaTel: (91 484) 608200, 608302Fax: (91 484) 266 8163Telex: 0885-6203 CPT INEmail:, copt@ker.nic.inWebsite:

Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT)Administrative BuildingSheva, Navi Mumbai - 400 707 Maharashtra, IndiaTel: (91 22) 2724 2290, 2724 2642 Fax: (91 22) 7242325 Telex: 013-13202 JNPT IN Email

Mumbai Office1107 Raheja Centre, 214, Nariman PointMumbai - 400 021, IndiaTel: (91 22) 2283 2458, 2204 5311

Kandla Port TrustPost Box #50 Administrative BuildingGandhidham, KutchGujarat - 370 201, IndiaTel: 91 (2836) 221347Fax: 91 (2836) 232040Email: kpt@kandlaport.comWebsite:

Mormugao Port TrustHeadland, SadaMormugaoGoa - 403 804, IndiaTel: (91 834) 513821 Fax: (91 834) 513065Telex: 0191-219, 256Email:, ddedp@mptgoa.comWebsite:

New Mangalore Port TrustPanambur Manglore - 575 010, IndiaTel: (91 824) 240 7341 (24 lines) Fax: (91 824) 240 8390Telex: 0832-220 PONM INEmail: nmptchairman@sify.comWebsite:

Paradip Port TrustP.O. Paradip PortDistt. CuttackOrissa - 754 142, IndiaTel: (91 6722) 22151Fax: (91 6722) 22256Email:

Gujarat Pipavav Port Limited(India's first private port. Established in 1992 in tie-up with Port of Singapore Authority)Post Ucchaiya. Via RajulaDistrict AmreliGujarat - 365 560, IndiaTel: (91 2794) 86001Fax: (91 2794) 86044Email: feedback@portofpipavav.comWebsite:

Tuticorin Port TrustBharathi NagarTuricorin - 628 004, India Tel: (91 461) 235 2290 (50 lines)Fax: (91 461) 235 2301Telex: 0434-243Email: tutport@sancharnet.inWebsite:

Visakhapatnam Port TrustPort AreaVisakhapatnam - 530 035Andhra Pradesh, IndiaTel: (91 891) 256 4841Fax: (91 891) 256 4841Email: vpt@vizagport.comWebsite:

Top Mumbai Religious Places A must go

Mumbai, the lively city of Maharashtra, is most contemporary in its approach towards life, yet its roots are deeply grounded in traditions and ethnicity. Highlighting the spiritual facet, the city has many religious places to brag of. Seeing that it has a repository of many religions and sects, there are many places of worship, counting temples, churches and mosques. These holy places represent the religious sentiments of the people residing in Bombay

Moreover, the city-dwellers are living happily under the kind shelter of the divine places. Mumbai owes its name to Mumba Devi, who is the patron deity of the Koli fisher folks. While Mahalakshmi Temple presents a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea, congregation at Siddhivinayak Temple depicts the unshakeable faith of people. You look at the Haji Ali Mosque and it appears, as if the God himself is guarding the city from the violent waters of the sea. Scroll down to know more about the major religious places of Mumbai.

Mumba Devi TempleMumba Devi Temple is the most talked of shrine of Mumbai. It is sited at Bhuleshwar, in the southern part of the Commercial Capital of India. It is dedicated to Goddess Mumba, who is considered as the patron deity of Koli fishermen - the first inhabitants of Bombay.

Mahalaxmi TempleA long flight of steps on the rim of the Arabian Sea takes one to the revered shrine of Mahalakshmi. Sited on the northern side of Malabar hills, at B. Desai Road in Breach Candy, Mahalaxmi is one of the most-visited shrines in Bombay. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the divine consort of Lord Vishnu.

Siddhivinayak TempleSiddhivinayak Temple is a highly revered shrine of Lord Ganesha in India. Dating back to the early nineteenth century, the temple was built by Mr. Laxman Vithu and Mrs. Deubai Patil in 1801. Sited at Prabhadevi, Siddhi Vinayak Temple is definitely one of the most visited temples of Mumbai.

Mount Mary ChurchMount Mary Church is considered to be the oldest in Mumbai city of India. It is situated in the West Bandra, past Hill Road, and was built initially around 1640. There are many beliefs connected with the destruction of the church, which was finally rebuilt in 1761.

ISKCON TempleISKCON Temple of Mumbai, dedicated to Lord Krishna, is one of the forty ISKCON temples across India. Built by the ISKCON Foundation, the elevated spire of this temple dominates the skyline of Juhu in Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay).

St. Thomas CathedralSt. Thomas' Cathedral is a beautiful structure that boasts of being the first Anglican Church in Mumbai. Indeed, the church affirms the moral roots of the budding British settlement in the Financial Hub of India. Built in 1718, St Thomas Cathedral is to be found near Flora Fountain at D.N. Road.

Haji AliHaji Ali is a venerated tomb (dargah) of the Muslims. Not only from Mumbai, people from all parts of India come to pay homage to this mosque. Located on an island off the shoreline of Worli, Haji Ali Mosque looks stunning amidst the blue waters of the sea.

St. Michael's ChurchSt. Michael's Church is amongst the oldest Catholic Churches in Mumbai. Seeing the sway of two major colonial powers - the British and the Portuguese, churches were constructed throughout the country. Sited in the Upper Mahim area of Mumbai, Saint Michael Church heralds the foundation of Christianity in India.

Afghan Church (4.5 km) In Colaba Island situated at the southern end of the city, church of St. John the Evangelist is located. Work on this church began in 1847. At the entrance, there is a big black board, revealing that it is an Anglican church dedicated to St. John the Evangelist. It is impressive with the wide Gothic Arches and beautiful stained-glass windows.

Hazi Ali Mosque (7.3 km) The mosque and tomb is situated in central Mumbai and were built by devotees in the early 19th century. It is set 500 yards into the sea and can be reached only in low tide. The structure is a slim solitary minaret. It is linked to the mainland by a tenuous causeway, which is practically nonnegotiable during rough monsoon, tides. Behind the sculpted entrance, a marble courtyard contains the central shrine. Hundreds of worshippers stoop to press their forehead against the richly brocaded red and green chaddar covering the tomb, lying in an exquisite silver frame supported by marble pillars and is decorated with artful mirror work: blue, green, yellow chips of glass arranged in kaleidoscopic patterns interspersed with Arabic patterns which spell the ninety-nine names of Allah. The whitewashed mosque also has a cool courtyard generally full of people and refreshment stalls. The rocks exposed during low tide at the rare end of the mosque are a favourable spot to catch some cool sea breeze. There's nothing somber about the building's cool courtyard, which is generally full of chattering families and refreshment stalls.

Jain Temple Built with marble in 1904, located on the Malabar Hill, the temple is dedicated to Adinath(the first Tirthankara). The walls of the temple are adorned with colourful paintings depicting various incidents in the lives of the 24 Tirthankaras of the Jain religion. On the first floor is a special shrine dedicated to Parsvanath carved out of black marble and the ceiling shows the different planets as personified in Hindu mythology.

Mahalaxmi Temple(7.2 km) The Mahalaxmi Temple located at the northern foot of the Malabar Hill, a part of it is now called Breach Candy in Mumbai. This is one of Mumbai's oldest temples dedicated to Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, and Maha Saraswathi. Large number of devotees come to this temple daily.Kailash TempleThe

Kailasha Temple situated near the village of Ellora, 30-km from Aurangabad . It is considered as one of the most astonishing 'buildings' in the history of architecture. This is the largest of 34 excavations at Ellora, which took almost a century. This temple is the world's largest monolithic structure carved from one piece of rock and the most extensive rock-cut projects ever undertaken.

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Kerala

Kerala is a region in India that is rich with attractions and beautiful scenery. There is no shortage of incredible places to visit. Here are the Kerala India Travel recommendations for the top 10 places to visit in Kerala.

1) The Backwaters – Wherever and however you choose to explore the backwaters, this emerald watery paradise is a definite highlight of Kerala. Find out more with our introduction to the backwaters and best ways to experience the backwaters guides.

2) Fort Cochin – The oldest part of this seaside city is more laid-back than other Indian cities and features Portuguese and Dutch colonial architecture, art galleries, churches, spice markets and the famous Chinese Fishing Nets.

3) Munnar – A beautiful, tranquil hill station with a cool climate, plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and visits to tea plantations. Read our Guide to Munnar, Kerala and Quiet Alternatives to Munnar, Kerala.

4) Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary – A fantastic place to take boat, jeep or hiking trips to spot elephants, monkeys and even the elusive tiger.

5) Kollam – This small market town isn’t an obvious attraction, but it’s the southern gateway to the backwaters, and a quieter alternative to Alleppey for organising houseboat and canoe trips. We also enjoyed the untouristy and authentically Indian feel of the town.

6) Varkala – A gorgeous beach below rocky cliffs lined with chilled out cafes- the perfect place to watch the spectacular sunsets.

7) Kumarakom - At this bird sanctauary near Kottayam you can walk or take a boat ride to spot comorants, herons, egrets and storks.

8) Thrissur – A religious and cultural centre featuring one of the largest temples in Kerala.

9) Kozhikode – This historic town is the gateway to the quieter beaches and backwaters of Northern Kerala, with temples and museums to visit too.

10) Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary – A quieter alternative to Periyar as a great place to spot elephants in the wild. We also featured it as a Quiet Alternative to Munnar, Kerala as a more peaceful hill station retreat.

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Names and address of Schools in Mumbai

Below is the List of Name's,address and telephone numbers of Schools in Mumbai

Schools In Andheri

A .H. Wadia High School -Andheri (w). Tel : 26248260
Agnel Land High School - Andheri, Mumbai - 400058
Ashok Academy -Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (West) Mumbai - 400058-Tel : 6365670
Bombay Cambridge School -Andheri (West), -Mumbai - 400058-Tel : 6704791 / 6233190
Cosmopolitan Primary School - D N Nagar, -Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400053
Children Welfare Centre Secondary School -at Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400061
Tel : 6365385
Guru Nanak Mission High School - Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400093-Tel : 8320132
Gyan Kendra Secondary School Andheri (West), -Mumbai - 400058-Tel : 6360969 / 6333672
Hansraj Morarji Public School -Andheri (West), -Mumbai - 400058-Tel 6236917
Hasanat High School -Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400059-Tel : 8323238
Marble Arch School -Oshiwara, near Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400053-Tel : 6312463 / 6392034
Marol Education Academy High School Marol Maroshi Road, Andheri , Mumbai - 400059 Tel : 8502570
M.V. Mandal Primary School - Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400058-Tel : 6232446
Prathamesh Pre-Primary and Primary School - Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400058-Tel : 6708922
Rajhans Vidyalaya - Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400058-Tel : 6234805
Sacred Heart Scholars Academy High School -Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400053 -Tel :6233721
Sheth M.A.High School - Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400058-Tel : 6286294
Shree Kalgidhar Mission High School - Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400059-Tel : 8301344
Shree Rajasthani Sewa Sangh's High School -Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400059Tel : 8351261
Shree Ram Welfare Society's High School-Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400058-Tel : 6208434
St. Anthony's High School -Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400061-Tel : 6361249
St. Blaise High School - Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400058-Tel : 6286468
St. John The Evangelist High School -Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400059-Tel : 8341146
St. Lawrence English School -Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400059-Tel : 8207827
St. Louis Convent High School-Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400053-Tel : 6355465
St. Rocks High School - Marol, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400059-Tel : 8321853

Schools In Santacruz

Air India Modern School -SSC .Santacruz. Mumbai - 400029. Tel : 26141544
Arya Vidya Mandir -Santacruz (West), Mumbai - 400054-Tel : 6602644
St. Teresa Convent High School - Santacruz, Mumbai - 400054-Tel : 649242
Guru Harkrishna High School -North Avenue, Santacruz (West), Mumbai - 400054-Tel : 6047978
Indian Airlines Ideal School - Santacruz (East), Mumbai - 400029-Tel : 6127368
Little Angels English High School -Santacruz (West), Mumbai - 400054-Tel : 6494277
Mary Immaculate Girls High School - Santacruz (West), Mumbai - 400029-Tel : 6128601
New Model English High School -Santacruz (East), Mumbai - 400055-Tel : 6127374
C.F. Andrews Higher Secondary School - Santacruz (East), -Mumbai - 400055-Tel : 6191795
Sacred Heart Boys High School - Santacruz, Mumbai - 400054-Tel : 6481912
Smt. Lilavatibai Poddar High School - Saraswati Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai - 400054-Tel : 6042366
St. Anthony's High School Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 400055-Tel : 6127205
St. Charles High School -Santacruz (East), Mumbai - 400055-Tel : 6163409
St. Lawrence High School - Santacruz (West), Mumbai - 400054-Tel : 6602622
St. Mary's High School - at Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai - 400029-Tel : 6123548
Malati Jayant Dalal School - Santa-cruz (West), Mumbai - 400054-Tel : 6126734

Schools In Bandra

Auxilium Convent High School - SSC -Bandra (West), -Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 26406977
Apostolic Carmel High School -Bandra, Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6428028
Arya Vidya Mandir - Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6426803
Cardinal Gracious High School - Bandra (E), Mumbai - 400051-Tel : 6426843
Duruelo Convent High School Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6401146
Father Agnel Technical High School- Bandra (West), -Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6423841 / 6423842
Learners Academy -Bandra, Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6431072
Mount Mary Convent High School -Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6422036
N.K.S. English Primary School - Bandra, Mumbai - 400051-Tel -6423413
St. Anne's High School Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6486273
Springfield High School Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6050622 / 6050623
St. Aloysius High School -Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6403060
St. Andrews High School - Bandra, Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6423144
St. Catherine of Sina School Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6422859
St. Teresa High School Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6402273
The American School of Bombay -Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai - 400051-Tel : 6524661 / 6521912
The Bai Awabai Framji Petit Girls High School -Bandra, Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6482147 / 6483018
St. Joseph Convent High School - Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6426603
St. Stanislaus High School - Bandra (West), Mumbai - 400050-Tel : 6518007

Schools In Malad

Carmel of St. Joseph School -Malad (West), Mumbai - 400064-Tel : 8070144
Holy Angel English High School - Malad (W), Mumbai - 400095Tel : 8823779
Mahindra Education Society's Students Academy -Malad (East), Mumbai - 400064 -8778663
Mount Mary High School -Malvani, Malad (W), -Mumbai - 400095-Tel : 8887738
Queen Mary School - Malad (West), Mumbai - 400064-Tel : 8822477
S.T.S Mission English High School -Malad (West), Mumbai - 400064-Tel : 8823634 / 8884119
Scholars Academy - Chincholi, Malad (West), Mumbai - 400064-Tel : 8753681
Shree Nutan Vidya Mandir High School - Malad (West), Mumbai - 400064-Tel : 8020313 / 8882330
St. Mary's English School - Malad (West), Mumbai - 400064-Tel : 8756677
St. Teresa High School - Malad, Mumbai - 400064-Tel : 8626965
Umedbhai Patel English High School. - Malad (West) Mumbai - 400064-Tel : 8723883

Schools In Mahim

Bombay Scottish School -Opposite Hinduja Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai - 400016
Tel : 4453460 / 4451365
Canossa High School -Mahim, Mumbai - 400016-Tel : 4449322 / 4457684
K. J. Khilnani High School - Mahim, Mumbai - 400016-Tel : 4451121
Lokmanya Vidya Mandir English Primary School -Mahim (West), Mumbai - 400016-Tel : 4372988
Saraswati Mandir English Primary School Mahim (W), Mumbai - 400016-Tel : 4376117
St. Michael's High School - Mahim, Mumbai - 400016-Tel : 4456878
Victoria High School -Mahim (W), Mumbai - 400016-Tel : 4462913

Schools in Goregaon

G.E.S & S Society School -Goregaon (West), -Mumbai - 400062-Tel : 8754600
Gokuldham High School Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400063-Tel : 8400977

Jawahar Vidyalaya -Goregaon (West), Mumbai - 400062
Mount Mary High School - Goregaon (W), Mumbai - 400062-Tel : 8721266

Pragna Bodhini High School - Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400063-Tel : 8733036

St. John’s High School -Goregaon (W), Mumbai - 400104-Tel : 8747474

St. Xavier's High School - Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400063-Tel : 8401539

St. Thomas Academy - Goregaon (W), Mumbai - 400062-Tel : 8722714

St. Thomas High School -Goregaon (E), Mumbai - 400063-Tel : 8741367

Universal English High School -Goregaon (West), -Mumbai - 400062-Tel : 8723112

Vivek Vidyalaya - Goregaon (West), Mumbai - 400062-Tel : 8723189
Yashodham Vidyalya - Goregaon (E), Mumbai - 400063-Tel : 8414313.

Schools at Vile parle

Smt. Ramdevi Sobhraj Bajaj Arya Vidya Mandir - Vile Parle (West), Mumbai - 400049-Tel : 6212207
Utpal Sanghvi School - Ville Parle (West), -Mumbai - 400049-Tel : 6207413 / 6204298
St. Xavier's High School -Ville Parle (W), Mumbai - 400056-Tel : 6142722
St. Joseph's Convent High School -Ville Parle (West), Mumbai - 400056-Tel :6142663
Parle Tilak Vidyalaya English Medium School -Ville Parle (East), Mumbai - 400057-Tel : 8386127
M.P.Shah English High School Ville -Parle (West), Mumbai - 400056-Tel : 6142780 - 6195563
G B Education Society's High School -Ville Parle (East), Mumbai - 400057-Tel : 8345044
Gandhi J C Primary School -Ville Parle (West), -Mumbai - 400056Tel : 6122950
Hiraben Manalal Nanavati English High School Ville Parle (E), Mumbai - 400057-Tel : 6122944 

Schools at Jogeshwari

Suraj English School -Jogeshwari (E), Mumbai - 400060-Tel : 8321853
Swami Vivekanand High School - Jogeshwari (E), Mumbai - 400060-Tel : 8301841
Infant Jesus High School Jogeshwari (East), Mumbai - 400060-Tel : 8215815 / 8344065
St. Mary's High School - Jogeshwari (East), Mumbai - 400060-Tel : 8365568

Schools at Fort Churchgate Colaba

Bharda New High School - Fort, Mumbai - 400001-Tel : 2072349
Convent of Jesus and Mary - 15 Nathlal Parekh Marg, Fort, Mumbai - 400001-Tel : 2020474
Campion School - Fort, Mumbai - 400039-Tel : 2020575 / 2020883
J.B.Petit High School for Girls -Fort, Mumbai - 400001-Tel : 2042617
Sir J. J. Fort Boy’s High School -Dr. D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400001-Tel : 2620968 / 2026155
St. Anne's High School - Fort, Mumbai - 400001-Tel : 2048772 / 2844625
The Alexandra Girl's English Institution- Fort, Mumbai - 400001-Tel : 2072685
The Cathedral & John Connon School - Fort, Mumbai - 400001-Tel : 2001282 / 2001283
Young Ladies High School -Fort, Mumbai - 400001-Tel : 2072883
St. Xavier's Boys Academy -.Churchgate (E), Mumbai - 400020-Tel : 2014358 / 2035041
St. Joseph High School - Colaba, Mumbai - 400005-Tel : 2150661
Ramchand Khemchand Academy - Colaba, Mumbai - 400039-Tel : 2826122
G.D. Somani School -Cuffe Parade, Colaba, Mumbai - 400005-Tel : 2187102 / 4753
The Scholar High School -Colaba-Mumbai - 400039-Tel : 2045927 / 2840074

Schools in Byculla

Antonio D'Souza High School -Byculla, Mumbai - 400027-Tel : 3724393
Christ Church School - Byculla, Mumbai - 400008-Tel : 3099892
E.E.E. Sassoon High School - Byculla, Mumbai - 400008-Tel : 3088739
Gloria Convent High School Byculla, Mumbai - 400027-Tel : 3701616
School of Sacred Heart -Byculla, Mumbai - 400008-Tel : 3090815
Shushanti English Primary School -Byculla (West), Mumbai - 400011-Tel : 3018317
Sir Jacob Sassoon High School - Byculla, Mumbai - 400008-Tel : 3077158
St. Anthony's Home and High School -Byculla, Mumbai - 400008-Tel : 3076863
St. Agnes High School - SSC -Byculla, Mumbai - 400008-Tel : 3078446
St. Joseph's High School - Byculla, Mumbai - 400008-Tel : 3070822
St.Agnes Primary School - Byculla, Mumbai - 400008-Tel : 3071422

Schools at Juhu

Sumati Vidya Kendra Juhu, -Mumbai - 400049-Tel : 6201521
Vrajlal Parekh Vidyanidhi High School -Juhu Scheme, Mumbai - 400004 Tel : 6255634 / 6255635
Holy Cross High School - Juhu Koliwada, Mumbai - 400049-Tel : 6606252 / 6606254
I.J. Patel Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan Juhu, Mumbai - 400049-Tel : 6286252
Jamnabai Narsee School -Juhu, -Mumbai - 400049-Tel : 6187676
Kalyanji K Rajpopat School Juhu, Mumbai - 400049-Tel : 6203388
Maneckji Cooper Education Trust School - Juhu, Mumbai - 400049-Tel : 6128950
Ramanlal Nagindas Shah High School - Juhu, Mumbai - 400049-Tel : 6289088
St. Joseph English School Juhu, Mumbai - 400049-Tel : 6184277

Schools at Khar

Bloomingdales - Gujarat Research Society, Khar (West), Mumbai - 400052-Tel : 6496162
Dharamdas Chandram English Primary School - Khar (W), Mumbai - 400052-Tel : 6483589
G A Kulkarni High School - Khar (West), Mumbai - 400052-Tel : 6461544
Guru Nanak High School Khar, Mumbai - 400052-Tel : 6480255
Jasudben M.L. School - Khar (West), Mumbai - 400052-Tel : 6496162 / 6041032
Kamla High school - Khar(W), Mumbai - 400052-Tel : 6483589
Khar Education Society -Khar (West), Mumbai - 400052-Tel : 6483408
Little Bo Peep Khar, Mumbai - 400052-Tel : 6486349
Sardar Sant Singh English Primary School -Khar (West), Mumbai - 400052-Tel : 6044571
St. Elias High School -Khar, Mumbai - 400052-Tel : 6483514

Schools at Nariman point

Balvikas Modern Nursery School-Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400020-Tel : 2045262

Schools at Dadar
Guru Nanak Higher Secondary School -Dadar (East), Mumbai - 400014-Tel : 4133736
The Bengali Education Society's High School -Dadar, Mumbai - 400014-Tel : 4132688
St. Paul's High School -Dadar (East), Mumbai - 400014-Tel : 4168534
Shardashram Vidya Mandir English Primary School-Dadar, Mumbai - 400028-Tel : 4300247 / 4303062
Indian Education Society's English School - Dadar, Mumbai - 400014-Tel : 4220094
The Dadar Parsee Youths Assembly High School - Dadar, Mumbai - 400014-Tel : 4125832 / 4163762
Our Lady of Dolours School- Dadar (West), Mumbai - 400028-Tel : 4227906
Our Lady of Salvation High School -Dadar, Mumbai - 400028-Tel : 4227906 / 4224471

 Schools at Thane

Holy Cross Convent  Girls School Thane West
St John the Baptist Thane West
St Xaviers English High School Ghodbunder Road Thane West

Schools based Rest of Mumbai

Abhyudaya Education English High School- Tank Road, Mumbai - 400033. Tel : 24707757
Activity High School - Gamadia Road, Mumbai - 400026. Tel : 4921909
Adarsh English High School - Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025. Tel : 4222212

Anjuman-I-Islam Allana High School - SSC -C.S.T..- 400001-Tel : 2626717
Bai B.S. Bengali girls High School - Mumbai - 400020-Tel : 2031577 / 2054473
Barretto High School -Mumbai - 400002-Tel : 2059047
Bai Ratanbai F D Panday Girl's High School -Tardeo, Mumbai - 400008-Tel : 3075591
Balmohan Vidya Mandir Bhavani Shankar Marg, Mumbai - 400028-Tel : 4461221
Barkat English Primary School -Jacob Circle, Mumbai - 400011-Tel : 3073240
Bombay International School- Babulnath, Mumbai - 400007-Tel : 3648206 / 3682056
Convent Girl's High School -Prabhadevi, -Mumbai - 400025-Tel : 4361862
Central Government Employees Education Society’s High School -Mumbai - 400037-Tel : 4016922
Cama Montessouri & Primary School -Tardeo, -Mumbai - 400007-Tel : 3813914
Casa Bambino Montessouri - Bhulabhai Deasi Road, Mumbai - 400036
Cumballa Hill High School - Nepenasea Road-Mumbai - 400006
Diamond Jubilee High School - Dongri, Mumbai - 400010-Tel : 3778554
Don Bosco High School -Near Khalsa College, Matunga, Mumbai - 400019-Tel : 4145228 / 4145233
Dr Antonia D'Silva Technical High School & Junior College - Mumbai - 400028-Tel : 4453757
Dawoodbhoy Fazalbhoy High School -Mumbai - 400009-Tel :3713449
Diamond Jubilee High School -Mazgaon, Mumbai - 400010-Tel : 3775966
Gandhi Memorial English Primary School. - Dharavi, Mumbai - 400019-Tel : 4095712
Girton High School - Nursery -Grant Road, Mumbai - 400007-Tel : 3075473

Gokul English Primary School - Worli, Mumbai - 400018-Tel : 4937536

Guru Nanak National High School Sion (West), Mumbai - 400022-Tel : 4072585
Gopi Birla Memorial School - Nursery Walkeshwar Road,-Mumbai - 400006-Tel : 3693063 / 3696872
Green Lawns School - Off Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai - 400026-Tel : 3671408 / 3675143
Guru Gobind Singh High School Sewri, Mumbai - 400015-Tel : 4161780
Greenfields Nursery & Kindergarten -JVPD Scheme, Mumbai - 400056-Tel : 6183594
Hindi Vidya Bhavan Marine Drive, Mumbai - 400002-Tel : 2816980

Hirjeebhoy Allahrakhia Laljeebhoy Sajan Girls High School Dongri, Mumbai - 400009-Tel : 3759556
Holy Cross English School Lower Parel (W), Mumbai - 400013-Tel : 4224098
Holy Name High School- Colaba, Mumbai - 400001-Tel : 2021365 / 2829931
Hill Grange High School - 13 A- Peddar Road, Mumbai - 400026-Tel : 4978946
Indian Education Society's English Primary School -Bhandup, Mumbai - 400042-Tel : 5601349 / 5605663

I G Bhatia High School - Mumbai - 400019-Tel : 4096821
I.E.S. VN Sule Guruji English Medium Secondary School - Dadar, Mumbai - 400014-4141416
J.B.Wacha High School for Girls -Dadar (East), Mumbai - 400014-Tel : 4129595
Jalbhai Dorabji Bharda High School - Grant Road, Mumbai - 400007-Tel : 3883192 / 3870336
Khojashia Ishanaashari Jamat Primary School - Mumbai - 400009-Tel : 3735008
Leelavati Primary School -Prarthana Samaj, Mumbai - 400004-Tel : 3827615
Little Angels English Secondary School - Sion (West), Mumbai - 400022-Tel : 4072557
Lady Engineer's High School - Tardeo, Mumbai - 400007-Tel : 4941427

Little Star English Primary School - Mumbai - 400025-Tel : 4301526
Manav Mandir Primary School -Walkeshwar, Mumbai - 400006-Tel : 3670811 / 3699304
M. P. Bhutta Primary School - Mumbai - 400022-Tel : 4071836

Marwari Vidyalaya Girgaum, Mumbai - 400004-Tel : 3865845
Matunga Lions Pioneer English School -Matunga, Mumbai - 400019-Tel :4010172
Mumbai Praantiya Padmashali Mahasabha High School -Dadar, Mumbai - 400018-Tel : 4154413
Matunga Premier School -Matunga, Mumbai - 400019-Tel : 4142888 / 4156535
National Kannada Education Society's High School, Wadala. Tel.: 4183162
Modern English High School -Nagpada, Mumbai - 400008-Tel : 3001705
New Habib High School - Dongri, Mumbai - 400009-Tel : 3711395
Nanikram Meghraj Trust Academy - Lamington Road, Mumbai - 400008-Tel. 3073269
New Activity Primary School - Mumbai - 400007-Tel. 3806046

Our Lady of Dolours High School Kalbadevi, Mumbai - 400002-Tel : 2004583
Our Lady of Good Counsel Primary School- Sion, Mumbai - 400022-Tel : 4076273

Our Own School - Grant Road, Mumbai - 400007-Tel : 3085526
People's Welfare Society's High School - Sion (East), Mumbai - 400022-Tel : 4072455
Palm Beach High School Near Nepeansea Road, Mumbai - 400026-Tel : 3678856
Parel English School - Mumbai - 400012-Tel : 4133359

Regina Pacis Convent High School -Mumbai - 400027-Tel : 3733275
Robert Money Primary School -Proctor Road, Mumbai - 400007-Tel : 3871894
Rose English High School Govandi, Mumbai - 400043-Tel : 5561623
Sadhana English Primary School - Sion (W), Mumbai - 400022-Tel : 4097203
Saifee-Eid-Iz-Zahabi -Malabar Hill, Mumbai - 400006
Saifiya High School - Carnac Road, Mumbai - 400003-Tel : 3421856
Sacred Heart High School -Prabhadevi, Mumbai - 400025 -Tel : 4920575
Sardar English High School - Khetwadi, Mumbai - 400004-Tel : 3855927

Shree Gita Vidyalaya -Govandi, Mumbai - 400043-Tel : 5575707
Seventh Day Adventist English High School - Mumbai Central, Mumbai - 400008-Tel : 3094037
Shree Vallabhashram School - Sion (West), Mumbai - 400022-Tel : 4072502
Sir Cowasjee Jehangir High School - Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai - 400034-Tel : 4946885
Smt. Shantidevi B. Banerji Vidyalaya -Tardeo, Mumbai - 400007-Tel : 3802697
Sophia College Nursery - Sophia College Lane, Mumbai - 400026-Tel : 3619789 / 3634882
St. Anne's Girls High School -Thakurdwar, Mumbai - 400002-Tel : 2050504
St. Anthony's English Primary School Dharavi, Mumbai - 400017-Tel : 4097875
South Indian Education Society's High School -Mumbai - 400019-Tel : 4022766
South Indian Education Welfare Society's High School -Wadala, Mumbai - 400031Tel : 4180877
St. Ignatius High School - Jacob Circle, Mumbai - 400011-Tel : 3078251
St. Isabel's High School -Mazgaon, Mumbai - 400010-Tel : 3728030 / 3775017

St. Joseph High School -Mumbai - 400009-Tel : 3740170
St. Joseph School - Wadala, Mumbai - 400031-Tel : 4182788

St. Mary's High School Mazgaon, Mumbai - 400010-Tel : 3781692
St. Mary's School - Mazgaon, Mumbai - 400010-Tel : 3778264

St. Peter's School -Mazgaon, Mumbai - 400010-Tel : 3782999
St. Sebastian Goan High School -Thakurdwar, Mumbai - 400002-Tel : 2086278
St. Stephen's Primary School -Cumballa Hill Road, Mumbai - 400036-Tel : 3867855

St. Teresa High School - Girgaum, Mumbai - 400004-Tel : 3856447

St. Xavier's High School-near GPO, -Mumbai - 400001-Tel : 2703644
Taheri High School -Sarang Street -Mumbai - 400003-Tel : 3427062
Taiyabiyah Girls High School - Bhindi Bazar, Mumbai - 400003-Tel : 3472129
The Andhra Education Society's High School -Wadala, Mumbai - 400031-Tel : 4151446
The Modern School -V P Road, -Mumbai - 400004-Tel : 3822271
The New Era School - Mumbai - 400007-Tel : 3806287
The Rehamatbhai Habib High School -Mumbai - 400009-Tel : 3711397
The Saifee Girls High School - Sarang Street, Mumbai - 400003-Tel : 3423411

The Blossom Sunderbai Thackersey English School - Opp. Queens Road, Mumbai - 400020-Tel : 2088778
The Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Parsee Charitable Institution & Junior College-Mumbai - 400004-Tel : 3851928

The Khoja Khan Mohamed Habibbhai High School - Dongri, Mumbai - 400009-Tel : 3755606
Tinker Bell High School - Chowpatty, Mumbai - 400007-Tel : 3614257

Villa Theresa High School Peddar Road, Mumbai - 400026-Tel : 3879817 / 3864598
Valiram Bherumal Melwani High School. Nana Chowk, Mumbai - 400007-Tel : 3894582
Vanita Vishram Primary School -Girgaum, Mumbai - 400004-Tel : 3821583
Walsingham House School -Nepeansea Road, Mumbai - 400006-Tel : 3619241 / 3691240
Wilson High School -Girgaum, -Mumbai - 400004-Tel :3857601