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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Goan Folk Dances !!! Enjoy dancing

Dances The Goan Style

Goan Folk Dances traditions - Bhandap is a traditional folk dance performed by the womenfolk of the scheduled tribe community who were the original settlers of Goa, in the second half of the Hindu month Bhadrapada.

Corredinho-Portuguese Folk Dance is a peasant dance which is accepted among Goan fortunate youth. Dekhm-Beauty dance is performed only by women, displays an excellent mix of Indian & Western rhythms.

Dhangar Dance is worship dance performed on the navratri days.

Fugdi & Dhalo is a popular Folk dance performed by women and is considered to be the most common folk dance forms in Goa.

Goff-folk Dance is way of expressing joy and happiness of Goa peasants after the harvest, dining Shigmo Festival in Phalgun month. Nanpet-Sword Dance is a traditional warrior dance performed during the Shigmo Festival mostly by the men.

Just see and Enjot the dances there it makes your feet move and the music fills your heart with Joy and fun

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