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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Money Fear !!! The Number game

Its All about Money !! Honey
Money Money Money

During my interaction with friends and colleagues I found that lot of people straight away equals money with Mathematics. Reason is numbers attached with both. So person who hate Mathematics obviously start to hate or fear about money matters too. This symptom is called “Fear of Money ”.

You may easily find such people who are some what careless about money matters. But it is actually not a careless issue, instead it is the issue of “Fear of Money”. Let us find out few examples which makes you clear. People with such fear have normally below mentioned symptoms.

1) Depending too much on others related to financial matters. That dependency may be with spouse, family members, friends or financial planners or advisers.
2) Neglect in tracking their bank transactions.
3) Readymade answers  to their illiteracy of finance.
4) Not tracking their monthly bills like credit card or phone bills.
5) Not having enough family protection measures like emergency funding or any insurance.
6) Extreme situations like over spending or over saving. Same way not at all thinking about  personal finance or too much worrying about finance.
7) Not have track on spending or earning. So no clue about their own net worth status.
From above lines you start to think that, such persons may be any of your family member or your friends who may have these symptoms. These small things will not make sense when everything is going smoothly. But if such small symptoms take the larger proportion of your financial life then it may actually spoil your financial life.
In a true sense Mathematics is not a mandatory thing to mange your money. It is your logical tactics to think about financial management and more important the study and research that will make you in a right path. If Mathematics was the thing needed to manage money then our ancestors would not be so expert in money matters than the today’s so called literates.  It requires financial literacy, which is lagging in today’s education.
Now the question is how to over come? Answer is once again “Financial Literacy”. 

Spend some of your time doing research on various financial instruments and insurances before investment and if necessary seek professional advice. If your Investment grow it will be you who are becoming financially secure as well as your family members. Don't just blindly Invest or rely on others Advice as it is your money and you should know what you are investing in.Remember it is you who is investing and it will be you only who will get the benefits.

Opportunity and good timing plays a major role while Investing  so pick up each opportunity that comes your way at the right time.

"I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful." - Warren Buffett

 Save Money And One day Money Will Save You

Cheers !!!!!

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