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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Difference between BOSS and Great Leaders !!!

We must have noticed this and even experienced this at places where we work and many times we are not able to differentiate between a BOSS and a Good Leader

The distinction between the manager (BOSS) and leader is also about the risks (or perceived risks) that either will take. 
Managers tend to be risk-averse whereas leaders are generally more likely to take risks, although this does not necessarily make them thrill-seekers. Leaders are concerned with fulfilling their vision and therefore consider it natural to encounter problems and barriers that must be overcome along the way. They are generally more comfortable with risk and therefore accept that the direction needed to reach their vision is not always the easiest path.  A leader can turn problems into opportunities and will happily break rules in order to get things done.  Managers tend to be more focused on the status quo and will try to minimize risk.

A surprising number of leaders have overcome some form of handicap in their lives: for example, traumatic childhoods, dyslexia, and even being shorter than average. This perhaps taught them the independence of mind that is needed to do things differently, take risks, and to not worry about what others are thinking about them.

Managers have subordinates, people who work under them and follow the rules.  Leaders, at least when they are leading (many are also managers), have followers.  Following is a voluntary action and is achieved. Leaders often use transformational benefits as motivators for their followers, that is the belief that somehow the follower will become a better person for following. 
The roles of manager and leader are often blurred and, due to individual personalities and skills, it may not always be obvious who is a leader in any given situation.  

YES  but many times we have to follow the below 2 GOLDEN RULES may be not out of choice but for some other personal reason