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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to get to the Top !!! Success

Success!!! Sky is the Limit

We are now living in the Highly complex world. There is competition in every field of life . It begins when we are born and ends at the time we go back to dust. We are on a run for money, name and fame. Every person wants to succeed and supersede his fellows, rivals and competitors we see competition in every sphere of life .In the school there is competition among children, in politics among politicians, in playground between players, at work with colleagues and yes even at home with brothers and sisters  etc. Everyone wants to see him or herself on the top or to be the first in a short span of time. It hardly matters to the people which path they adopt to reach their goal. People are adopting inferior methods to reach their destination. They want to succeed by hook or by crook. Minds of people have become so polluted that they even do not bother even that they are hitting below the belt or are adopting corrupt means for reaching at the top of ladder of success. We have to put each and every step very safely to reach the top of ladder You have to be very careful when you just start stepping on the ladder of success; as there are many people watching and jealous and want to pull you down.. Always remember never cut the ladder that has taken you to the top . If you want yourself to be counted among the list of successful people certain changes in your thinking pattern, behavior and manners are needed and are mandatory.

The Following tips may prove to be very helpful in your life:

Fix your Goal --- First of all fix your Goals . Once you have fixed your Goal and made up your mind, than start making a road map how to achieve this goal . Always keep in mind that a person cannot have one goal and he has to bifurcate between long term and short term goals . You must have full confidence, determination, dedication and positive mind. After setting your goal the second thing is perseverance. Do not change your goal repeatedly but always keep in mind that you have to modify the goals as and when required and your goals should be flexible.

Work with Intelligence ---You can win your task by doing daily hard work. Hard work is the key to success but always keep in mind we have to do it with intelligence. You might have listened from successful people that there is no substitute or alternative to this hard work. There is no short cut to success.

Do not blame and curse your luck – Yes many believe in luck but it is not always that counts . It is important that whenever anything wrong happens you have to see the positives and ignore the negatives and yes move strongly towards achieving your goals.

 Self confidence –Self confidence is the hallmark of success. Half the goal is achieved when you start your work with full self confidence and determination. A wavering mind cannot succeed in spite of hard work. Always think positive and be optimist that I have the capacity to undertake this task to its logical end.

Self analysis –Do your self analysis on daily basis. Introspection is must to succeed in life. Those who introspect they become aware of their inadequacies and short comings and in the mean time they can amend it. Analyze and ponder over your weakness or vulnerabilities

Learning – You have to keep learning at every stage of your life . it starts when you are born and ends when you die. You have to learn from others mistakes as you cannot afford to make mistakes.

Employ Professionals  It is always important to employ professionals in every field and use them to make your dreams come true and achieve your goals. If you hire professional people or take their advice it is always 90% sure to get to the top. We cannot be professional in every field and so it makes sense to put the right person at the right place to work.

At the end i must say wish you all good luck and one more thing Always believe yourself as it is you who is the best judge.


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